Your Belty will arrive with a long leather strap. If it's too long, you just have to use a pair of sharp household scissors and follow the printed sizing ruler to trim off the excess leather.


-A Belty Power buckle
-A unique size leather strap of the color of your choice
- A USB-C cable to charge the belt
- A USB-C adapter to use your own cable if needed
- A bit of power to get you out of the sh#@! (in other words:pre-charged)



Yes! Belty emits virtually no waves -which is not the case on your phone!-. The belt heats up slightly during charging but this due to electrical work and perfectly safe. Moreover our batteries are tested one by one and certified by an independent laboratory. 



Yes, one port fits all! One unique USB type-C port to recharge both your Belt and phone. USB-C adaptor included to use your own cable if needed.